Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit comments on a bill?  When is the deadline for submitting support or opposition letters?

For a hearing which is occurring on a Tuesday, written comments should be received in the portal by 5:00pm at least 8 days prior (the Monday one week prior to the hearing) if the party submitting the comment would like its support or opposition to be listed in the Committee Analysis. 

Are Committee hearings public?

Yes.  All Committee hearings are open to the public.  Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee hearings are  usually set on a second or fourth Tuesday of the Legislative Calendar and take place in Room 444 of the Capitol.  Please be advised that the way weeks are numbered on the Legislative Calendar can vary from a traditional calendar.  The Legislative Calendar can be accessed at:  http://assembly.ca.gov/legislativedeadlines.

Can I make comments in person?

Yes.   Following the author's presentation of the bill, the Chair invites those who are present and in support of the bill to state their support.  Following that, the Chair will invite those in opposition to do the same.

How do I know when a bill is scheduled to be heard?

Bills which are set for hearing are listed in the Assembly Daily File.  Bills are usually in the Daily File at least 3 days prior to the set hearing date.  However, on occasion, a bill may be heard on the first day it appears in the Assembly Daily File.  The "Committee Hearings" tab on the Committee website is linked to the Assembly Daily File.  The full Assembly Daily File can be accessed via the "Quick Links" section at the bottom of the Committee home page.  Check the Daily File before attending a hearing as the date for a particular bill may change.

Can I obtain a copy of a Committee bill analysis?

Yes.  Hard copies of the Committee analyses of bills that are scheduled for hearing are available in the committee office one day prior to the hearing.  Committee analyses are also available online at www.leginfo.ca.gov.

How can I make an appointment to meet with one of the committee consultants?

Please call the Committee's direct line at 916-319-3965 and ask to speak with a consultant.   Each consultant schedules their own meetings.  You are also welcome to drop by at your convenience; however, availability cannot be guaranteed.

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